Most of us have already seen the renowned and enduring film Titanic (1997; ). Despite Jack and Rose being the major subject of the movie, other characters were there. After the shipwreck, one of them in particular was the target of a contentious accusation.

The movie refers to Lady Duff Gordon as an elite fashion designer, and this is accurate. She and her husband, Sir Cosmo, were two of the twelve passengers in the Titanic’s lifeboat number one.

There were a number of passengers on the boat, which had enough for up to forty people with ease. A problem with the lifeboat eventually prompted an investigation and earned it the infamous moniker “Money Boat” while other other lifeboats were despatched that lacked sufficient capacity.

Sir Cosmo offered every member of the lifeboat crew 5 pounds, but that is all we know.

Why did he offer these monies is the key question.

We believe Sir Cosmo supplied some financial support out of compassion.

The Titanic’s lifeboat number one never arrived, and the survivors received no assistance, which led to rumors.

Lady Duff and her husband were pursued even though they were never formally charged. As a result, objects connected to these two have brought astounding prices at auction.

The kimono that Lady Duffa wore while making her Titanic escape was auctioned for $75,000 in the year 2k12! Three more items are currently up for auction: a letter from Lady Duff’s secretary outlining the investigation that followed the collision; a pass to one of the ship’s Turkish baths; and the menu from the final dinner served aboard the Titanic, which is anticipated to fetch between $95,000 and $150,000.

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