What occurs if a blind man unintentionally tips a money-filled bag over? BigDawsTv sought to learn the answer to it. Will onlookers provide the blind man assistance or try to take his money?

In this sociological experiment, a man who pretended to be blind strolled down the street carrying a suitcase full of money.

The man purposefully dumped cash from his suitcase in front of onlookers to gauge their sincerity.

The real test of whether or not they would assist him or give him the money started at that point.

What BigDawsTv later witnessed was incredible! He received genuine assistance from almost every bystander as they helped him put the money back in his suitcase.

Nearly all of them assisted him, even if some of them appeared plainly confused. A single exception stands out who secretly carried around a large sum of cash.

This sociological experiment demonstrates that there are still honest people who want to help others in the world, despite the fact that the materialistic society has made many people greedy and selfish.

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