People in this day and age are so busy that they occasionally forget to see their best friends. It appears that the interval since the previous meeting was not that long. But in actuality, it had already been a year, if not longer.

Kids are always truthful. They follow their hearts’ desires and have much to teach us. the same friendship even.

The internet is buzzing with a video of two-year-olds sprinting toward one another.

For just two days, Maxwell and his companion Finnegan did not see one another. However, they felt that it was too much and desperately missed one another. On Facebook, Maxwell’s father shared the footage.

He added that the lads have been acquainted for a year. They enjoy dancing and take music lessons together. They always check in on their best friend if they haven’t seen each other recently. They cannot be separated.

Users of social media have been moved by the depth of these kids’ friendships. How adorable! I hope they will always be best buddies. Sadly, as we become older, we lose sight of the value of friendship. “I would like the…