After being dismissed without being compensated, a mother of four chooses to change occupations. Two years later, she may purchase the firm that ruthlessly fired her thanks to her new employment.

Melissa worked continuously to provide for her four developing children. She was an office worker for a company that sold baby food during the day. She worked as a housekeeper at a nearby hotel at night.

Because of how demanding her jobs were, Melissa would frequently be weary and only get two to four hours of sleep each night. She only saw her kids every morning before she left for work, so she wouldn’t have time for herself.

It was no joke doing the graveyard housekeeping shift. Unruly hotel guests who trashed their rooms after a night of partying required her attention.

She would immediately fall asleep after arriving home at approximately two in the morning, waking up the next day exhausted. She frequently arrived late for her day job as a result, and the management grew tired of this pattern.

“We can’t have you coming in late every other day, Melissa. I don’t know what you do at night. It’s unfair to the rest of our staff. Her HR manager informed her, “I’ve warned you about this before, and I have no choice but to terminate you.

Melissa felt hopeless. She pleaded with the employer to reinstate her, citing the need to support her four children by working two jobs.

She believed her coworkers would be more sympathetic because she worked for a baby food company. Sadly, they refused to bend and told her to leave right away.

Melissa waited for her severance pay for a few weeks, but it never appeared. She attempted to contact the business via email, but she got no answer.

Dave, her husband, pushed her to look for another work because their monthly income was significantly lower than it always was. While spending her free time creating video blogs on parenthood with her four children, she started looking for a job online.

Melissa posted stuff on social media every day that illustrated how life was like with four kids and two working parents. As her readership grew tremendously week after week, she saw she had a chance to take use of her blogging.

Dave, though, could not tolerate it. He was baffled by how the “vlogging” industry operated and believed Melissa was being lazy by delaying getting a real job.

So you’re here browsing the internet while I’m out here working all day? Why don’t you find a legitimate job? Do you realize how frustrating it is to work nonstop and then come home and slack off? He screamed at her, “How unfair is that!

Melissa found her husband’s claim offensive. “Do you not realize how challenging it is to concurrently nurture four growing children? She wailed, “I hardly even have time for myself. In addition, my vlog is gradually acquiring popularity online. If I keep working on it, I can start making money from it in a few months.”

After Melissa said that, Dave just laughed at her. He threatened to abandon her if he saw her concentrating on the vlog once more.

Melissa maintained her vlogging behind Dave’s back until one morning, when Dave lost it. “Why do you still live at home? Do you genuinely not intend to get employment? You know, being a housekeeper at night isn’t going to pay the bills.

Dave, will you kindly place some trust in me? Lisa pleaded. “I’m striving to secure funding for us. It will, she reassured him.

“Oh, yeah! Perhaps you’ve grown so accustomed to me footing the tab that you now want to be a useless housewife. I’ve finished it! I’ve had it with you. As he stormed out of the home, he yelled.

A week later, Melissa got a large envelope in the mail. They were her husband’s divorce papers. She sobbed in shock. She found it incomprehensible that her spouse of ten years would just stand up and leave without properly speaking to her. She had to support her four children on her own after losing the love of her life.

Despite everything, Melissa kept writing on her blog and even described the awful circumstances surrounding her husband’s abandonment of her and her children. The viral video of the reveal. Women empathized with her and found courage and strength in her.

She soon started making money from her vlogs. She received requests from brands to work together, and the advertising that appeared in between her vlogs brought her money.

Melissa quit her housekeeping job and stayed at home with her kids all day after realizing she was making a consistent income through vlogging.

Because she could work from home while looking after her children, she not only made significantly more money but also saved money on a babysitter.

After two years, one of the most popular parenting vlogs was Melissa’s. Her page became highly successful, and her kid-friendly recipes, day-in-the-life vlogs, and parenting advice would receive millions of views.

She learned one day that the business she had previously worked for was being sold. The current management’s products stopped appealing to parents since they were unable to stay up with the times.

Melissa made the decision to put some of her savings into the aforementioned business. As she waited for an answer, she dialed the number listed in the publication.

She introduced herself as Melissa Evans and said, “Hello.

Melanie Evans? The person at the other end of the line responded as though they recognized the name.

“Yes, I once worked for your business. Two years ago, you let me go. Do you recall? In an effort to get the boss to remember her, Melissa stated, “I never got my last salary from you.

He gave a throat clearing. What can I do to help you, he enquired.
“I learned that the business is up for sale. It’s something I want to get, Melissa said.

The man found it incomprehensible that a former employee sought to purchase the business. He made the choice to set up a meeting with Melissa to determine the validity of her offer.

The management group was shocked to learn that Melissa intended to buy the business outright at the meeting. They quickly corrected the transition documentation so they could appropriately hand them over to her after they had finalized the contract with her.

Melissa took over as the company’s CEO. She couldn’t help but be filled with pride that the organization that had once avoided her was now under her control, and it was her goal to make it as welcoming and parent-friendly as she could.

She renamed the business after officially taking over to appeal to the younger mom market. She began blogging about the items and employed parents, including expectant parents, as her employees, giving them unmatched benefits and support.

Melissa had two reliable sources of income as the business started to turn a profit once more. After some time, her ex-husband learned of her accomplishment and made an effort to contact her. Three years had passed since he had departed.

As soon as they met, he said, “I miss us.” “I wish I could see our kids because I miss our family so much. Please let me view them.

If you want to see the kids, sign up for my vlog, Melissa scoffed before giving him a stern response. You would be able to see them every day if you did.

What can we take away from this narrative?

Up until you achieve your objectives, never give up. Melissa struggled to provide for her children until she came into the world of vlogging. She took a leap of faith and started to gamble on herself till she became successful when she recognized there was a significant possibility in that field. After some time, her vlogging career afforded her the opportunity to invest in a successful company that provided her with two reliable streams of income while also assisting other parents.

Every task matters. Dave belittled Melissa because she was a housekeeper and said she didn’t pay the bills. He also disapproved of her decision to start a vlog, calling it a waste of time. After seeing she was successful, he ultimately regretted his actions and made an effort to reconcile with her. When he finally did, Melissa had already moved on and it was too late.