Kevin discovered a note buried in his daughter’s new car while inspecting it. The words on that piece of paper caught this parent completely off guard.

When Kentucky’s Kevin Duke gave his daughter her first car, he was overjoyed. He ultimately purchased a lovely used car after careful consideration to ensure he picked the best vehicle. He was unaware that it wasn’t just “a automobile,” though. He was keeping a heartbreaking secret.

Kevin wanted to test drive the car himself, but because his daughter wouldn’t obtain her license for another few weeks, he went for a test drive and meticulously examined the inside and outside of the vehicle. He also repeatedly searched the glove box, but didn’t realize there was a note inside until he touched a small rubber mat. It was labelled “Important Info Inside” and sent to the new owner.

The words on that piece of paper caught this parent completely off guard.

Kevin posted about the peculiar incident on Facebook and shared it with his pals.

Well, I was playing with this storage space above the dash yesterday (which I have already opened half a dozen times). Now, for some reason, I remove the rubber mat at the bottom after noticing it. I’m shocked to discover this note within this envelope. I won’t deny that I cried a little.

The person who wrote the letter treasured this car much, but they were forced to sell it.

“I have many precious memories associated with this automobile. I no longer have access to my house or anything inside of it; all that’s left is this car. A mistake in the paperwork prevented the insurance company from paying for the car. Being deprived of my home, family, and last remaining link to my mother and child due to no fault of my own is extremely upsetting.

The previous owner and his family’s gratifying excursions have left this vehicle with many wonderful memories and enjoyable moments. He attested to their happiness and the fleeting moments that would never happen again.

I’m not upset with you. I hope this vehicle surpasses all others you’ve owned. I’m hoping it will still function after 100 years. I’m hoping there are kids, toys, and other miscellaneous items in the backseat. This automobile has been loaded up with tons of affection and sticky material by my family. We went on road drives, listened to 80s and country music, and rolled the windows down. In the back seat, I’ve changed more diapers than I can remember. There’s definitely a pencil or plunger that belongs to my infant someplace in the house. possibly a complete chicken nugget. HA!”

Although this car wasn’t the best, the woman who sent the letter clearly felt strongly about it.

“I don’t know if you’ll notice it, but the dashboard can be dirty. She always entered the driveway where my daughter and I pretended to be on an adventure. My daughter learned to ride…and crash…her motorbike a few months before she passed away in the dent on the driver’s side rear fender and the dent on the passenger side door.

“I understand that it’s only a car to you, but to me, it means so much more. In this car, events took place. There was adventure, love, and joy in this automobile. Remember that it’s more than just an automobile now that it is yours. A memory, then. The final remnant of my family is this automobile, with all its eccentricities. Take care of him. Play a country tune for him. My daughter’s favorite song was Big Green Tractor or a Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird. We treasured this song so much that I played it at their funeral.

When driving this car, Kevin’s daughter will always have “someone” by her side.

You are riding with angels. My guardians. I’m sure they would enjoy seeing and hearing about all the wonderful adventures you go on with this car, so feel free to talk to them if you like. Sylvia is her name, by the way. When Sylvia’s mother from Dr. Hook played on the radio on the very first day my mother purchased this automobile, we were all driving around, and the name just stayed. When my daughter suggested that we give the car that name, I agreed. Don’t change his name, please.

The heartfelt letter was followed by a plea.
“Try to find me if you ever want to sell Sylvia. I just paid for three funerals, so I can’t afford to buy it right now. However, if you feel it’s no longer appropriate for you in the future, hopefully I’ll be in a better financial position. Be fortunate, joyful, and live and love like we do. I want the best for you and Sylvia!

This tale speaks about the individual suffering each of us endures throughout our lives and touched many people’s hearts.

We genuinely hope that after all she’s been through, this woman may finally find some peace and be able to move on. And we want Kevin’s daughter to make her own priceless experiences while driving this unique vehicle.