Thomas claims that people nowadays are progressively becoming more disconnected from nature. We become engrossed in our gadgets and neglect what is truly essential. He seeks to close the gap between nature and man through his sculptures.

The undertaking is known as “7 Trolls and a Magic Tower.”

He uses recycled materials exclusively for all of his sculptures because he sees immense potential in them.

But these go beyond simple sculptures. Thomas has turned the forest into a true fairy tale. The origins of fairies and other supernatural beings can be traced to wooden works of art.

Since he was little, Thomas has enjoyed folklore and fairy stories. He had dreams about ethereal places where trolls and dragons lived. He began rapping and sharing heartfelt tales when he was a teenager.

Thomas has merged everything into one project, including rap, sculpture, wildlife, and environmental issues.

Here are some intriguing project-related details:
Seven trolls range in height from seven to eighteen meters. The tower measures 17 meters in height.

Thomas and his crew worked on this project for roughly 25 weeks. He constructed it out of pallets, old grocery store shelves, and limbs from downed trees.

This is all visible in the Belgian woodland (De Schorre, Boom).

Look at this beauty, please. The sculptures appear to be real. They appear to blend in beautifully with the natural surroundings.