The Bretts are the first family in Britain to have ten boys. In Scotland, the family resides in a spacious home. Each week, they purchase 100 packets of crisps, 50 gallons of milk, and 16 loaves of bread.

At the age of 22, Alexis Brett gave birth to a son, becoming a mother for the first time. The wife survived and gave birth to nine more boys over the course of the ensuing 15 years.

But destiny has chosen to bestow a gift upon the Brett family: the eleventh kid is now a girl!

The mother of many children acknowledged that she was shocked by the girl’s appearance but was also incredibly delighted because the family had been hoping for an heiress for fifteen years. Cameron was chosen as the child’s name in honor of Cameron Diaz.

David adds:

The youngster has a positive influence on the boys. They started acting more appropriately, caring for their sister, and attempting to maintain their composure so as not to wake Cameron. Even the boys assist in feeding the female.

Some believe the Bretts’ large family size is a result of their desire for financial gains. The couple asserts that they do not require benefits because David can support his family thanks to his successful career.