Mark Boyle made the decision to stop using contemporary technologies in December 2016, according to Hai. He hasn’t used a lamp, an oven, a radio, a television, sent an e-mail, made a call, or done anything else technologically advanced in the last three years.

Nothing that needs energy or “sustainable energy” is done by it. That was where I started, but I went to a more intense level, he admitted. His credit card was closed, he shut off his computer, erased all of his social media accounts, and he got rid of all of his technological equipment.

He now subsists on fishing or farming, prepares his own toothpaste from cuttlebone and wild fennel seeds, and washes his clothing in soapwort that he cultivated.

He built his own log cabin for a home, and he enjoys spending gloomy winter nights in front of a warm wood-burning stove wrapped in sheepskin blankets. Mark does not wear a watch or an alarm clock. He said, “I rise at daybreak and am in tune with the rhythms of the season.”

His home is filled with wooden furnishings. He claims, “Once I start woodworking, I can’t stop.” It’s simply one of my favorite activities. I could chop wood for hours.

Mark is a regular person; he is not insane. He worked as a manager for a Bristol-based organic food company. After spending several years close to the modern world, he began to distance himself from news, radio, and television. “I am naturally interested in what is going on in the globe. I am familiar with Brexit. But I’m happy I can let it go. What can I do to assist in the problem’s resolution?

He also understood that the goal of his new life was to find serenity rather than to become a hermit.

He picked up fishing. On occasion, he is free to spend five hours sawing wood. He occasionally reclines and reads books. He occasionally gazes up at the sky to appreciate its beauty. Or converse with nature by taking a walk in the woods. Nothing concerns me when I’m walking. I feel at peace as I hear the birds sing,” he claimed.

He couldn’t recall the last time he was upset because his life emits an unbelievable sense of tranquility. He admits, “I don’t even know what can worry me out.”

He consumes veggies and potatoes, as well as handmade bread. I used to eat vegetables and potatoes every day before. I eat fish and mackerel maybe once or twice a week. He occasionally visits a bar with pals to enjoy some music or a glass of beer. They gave him some buckskin since he wanted to attempt constructing his own shoes.

I’ll never be capable of live in the city again, he declared, because of the unpleasant atmosphere, poor air quality, and untreated water. “Calmness shields me. When I tour the world, it protects me like a bathrobe because I am in a really serene condition.

Would you be able to give up civilization’s accomplishments?