The guests on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” were renowned for being humorous. Over time, Johnny started to almost seem to enjoy acting out of character and laughing along with his visitors. Even Carson’s crowd approved of it!

In 1976, comedian Jonathan Winters charmed Johnny and the audience. Johnny Winters is introduced by Carson, who claims to have known him for a very long time. On “The Jack Parr Morning Show,” they first connected.

The audience applauds Winters while standing. He starts cracking jokes and creating facial gestures that make them laugh uncontrollably. Winters recalls that as a youngster, he would climb the barn with the birds and make noises, which made him seem unusual.

For the first seven years of his life, he worked on a farm, shucking maize and wheat for cash. He earned $25 in three months, which he used to buy his bicycle.

Johnny can’t quit laughing at Winters’ delivery. He is quick-witted and always has a joke ready to tell! He prefaces one tale by informing Carson that he will tell him a “semi-funny” tale!

But what really stole the show were his impersonation. He makes amusing campaign pledges that he uses to parody current politicians, and Carson interviews him while the two comedians interact improvised.

It’s really entertaining to watch these two great comedians converse for more than fifteen minutes. The fact that their improvisation is spontaneous adds to how hilarious it is when they perform it together.

Here is the video: