Louise Warnford, an Englishwoman, had always fantasized about experiencing the bliss of motherhood. She admired joyful women walking their children down the street with such delight. But her body appeared to fight against this blissful state.

The woman chose IVF after learning that she would not be able to become pregnant naturally. However, there were numerous issues, and the embryo did not develop. Louise had a total of 17 additional chances.

Doctors started to convince the woman to accept the situation as is and adopt a child, explaining to her that this is a quirk of her body and that they have no control over it.

Louise, however, refused to give up and insisted that the doctors carry out their duties.

She spent over 80,000 pounds (more than 6 million rubles) on all of her tries, but she still managed to defy nature and become pregnant at the age of 47. She was always under the care of doctors, and she feared each day because it would bring her yet more disappointment as the fetus continued to grow.

Louise explains, “I had a c-section at 37 weeks since the subsequent inspection found issues with the body. My son William was born because neither the doctors nor I were willing to take any chances. Because I went through labor and birth pains for him, I know he will be a wonderful person.

The patient expresses her gratitude to her doctor, Hassan Shehat, for supporting and being by her side throughout the entire ordeal.

“I want to say to all the women who have given up trying to get pregnant out of desperation. You will achieve if you have faith in your ability, Louise advises.

I only have a family now because of my tenacity, and whenever I look into my son’s eyes, I never get weary of being happy that I didn’t give up and persisted on my own. I promise it’s worthwhile!