It was clear Emanne Beasha was unique the moment she stepped onto America’s Got Talent stage. The 10-year-old from North Port, Florida, has a contagious charisma and a bouncy disposition.

Emanne Beasha admitted that she was somewhat anxious during her audition for season fourteen of America’s Got Talent. But she overcame her fears and gave a jaw-dropping opera song that had the judges standing.

While telling the judges that her father owned an ice cream factory, Emanne grinned broadly and acknowledged her confusion. Who wouldn’t be, then? The moment Emanne started singing, all nerves appeared to fade. Suddenly, a voice that appeared to be an angel spoke.

The judges were transfixed by Emanne during her audition because she reminded them of a young Jackie Evancho from season five. Jackie has had a highly successful career since the competition, despite her second-place finish. The opera Turandot by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini is where “Nessun Dorma” first appeared. The phrase, which means “None shall sleep” in English, has been covered by a wide range of great musicians.

Without a doubt, opera is a highly challenging musical genre to play, which is why Emanne sparkled on stage like a star. Her voice is so moving that it can cause you to cry, which is why the judges were so moved. The girl occasionally sings inexplicably high notes that cause the audience to stand. She ultimately received a standing ovation from both the judges and the audience.

Watch the video below!