Simin Cowell doesn’t often deliver speeches in tears. However, when America’s Received Expertise decide and gvt producer recently met one of the numerous dogs he salvaged from a South Korean dog meat farm, I couldn’t help but twiddle my thumbs.

According to People, C. Well donated more than $32,000 to the Humane Society Worldwide in 2018, enabling HSI to support a large-scale rescue of dogs that would have otherwise been sent to South Korean slaughterhouses. Cowell encountered one of the several dogs while watching “Good Morning Britain.”

Philippa Tmsn, the information coordinator for the show, had chosen one of the numerous rescued puppies and introduced it during her conversation with the AGT character. Tmsn introduced Cowell to her role and spoke about the work being done to end the canine industry in Asia.

Cowell, a long-time advocate for animal rights and a dog lover, became upset when he considered what would happen to other dogs who may not be as fortunate as Rbin.

HSI contributed to the closure of this dog meat farm and the rescue of the captive animals. “That troubles me on my behalf… But it’s crucial because without people like you, “he’d mostly be in somebody’s basement,” Cowell says to Thmpsn in the course of the conversation.

“Now, do you think that’s right? And dogs are willing to lay down their life for you. They would in fact… They typically take care of your kids and risk their lives for them.

Even if my dog is small, I’ve witnessed it. Bless you, what you may be doing is so important. A total of 2,000 dogs have been saved from 16 dog meat farms in Asia by HSI, many of which have already discovered living quarters.

According to Wendy Higgins of HSI, “Simn’s kind donation helped us save Rubin and every dog languishing on the meat farm.” “We discovered them in some of the most horrifying circumstances, imprisoned in bare, rusted metal cages, and several of them were actually struggling.

With every dog farm we shut down and every farmer we help transition to a more worthwhile, compassionate business, we are proving to the South Korean authorities that it is possible to end this brutal industry.

Most people in South Korea don’t eat dogs, and there are ever louder calls for an end to the cruel trade that is currently going on. However, according to HSI, up to 30 million dogs are killed each year for their meat.

It is because of efforts like this that we are getting closer to completely outlawing the trade in dog meat.

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