When you assumed a young girl singing “Tomorrow” on Israel’s Got Talent couldn’t get any cuter, her younger sister ran up to say hello. The judges melted in 2018 when the cute moment occurred.

Laia Alice, a young vocalist, performed the well-known song from the musical Annie on stage. The judges were delighted by her beautiful voice, and her family proudly looked on from the audience.

Off stage, Laia’s younger sister could be spotted grinning the entire show. Three of the judges as well as the majority of the crowd awarded the young vocalist a standing ovation after the performance.

As the audience applauded and oohed, she hurried to Laia and hugged her. Do you intend to murder us? Regarding how wonderful the situation was, one of the judges inquired.

Kids Got Talent: Shy Singer Performs a Beautiful Song from Annie the Musical.