This young man’s bravery stunned everyone. The girls were rescued at a nearby beach by a boy with Down syndrome. The Italian minister made the decision to shake hands with the youngster after learning this. They jumped into the sea to assist the girls because they weren’t at all afraid of the risk.

Valerio Katoya is his name. He was very frail when he was young. His parents taught him to swim so that he could develop stronger muscles. However, he quickly realized how much he enjoyed being in the water and made the decision to dedicate his life to it.

He is already seventeen years old. He took part in several Olympic competitions for young athletes with mental challenges. Everyone was stunned by the beach incident. Along with his dad and younger sister, the youngster dozed off there. He heard screaming coming from the sea all of a sudden.

He jumped into the water without stopping and quickly pulled the girls out. He was aware that the heads of the victims had to remain above the water. Naturally, he then became well-known among the townspeople. The boy seems modest, though. He doesn’t see anything heroic about it and thinks that everyone would do it.

The minister made the decision to go see the hero who had two tiny children to bed. a genuine hero—and even a modest one. More would follow!