A Californian woman gave birth to twins who were almost 20 minutes apart. It would appear to be nothing unusual.

However, the girl arrived 18 minutes after the boy in December 2017, and the boy was born on January 1st, 2018. As a result, even if the twins’ births were close together, their dates of birth will differ—not just by a day, but also by a month and a year.

2 minutes before midnight (at 23:58), Joaquin was the first to be born, and his sister followed him by 18 minutes (at 00:16). Only here on Joaquin’s birth certificate will 2017 and Aitana’s will be 2018. Since the delivery was only expected to occur on January 27, the delighted parents Maria and Joaquin de Jesus Ontiveros were completely unprepared.

“The infants are absolutely healthy despite their preterm birth. A spokesperson of the neighborhood Delano medical center, where Maria gave delivery, stated that the mother and children are doing excellent.

The couple’s residence in a small Californian town is well recognized. They work on the farm to support themselves. They have three girls in their household in addition to the new twins. The hospital made the decision to provide new parents with the baby essentials that local community members had given.

“The parents made the decision to celebrate the holiday in the bathroom when they discovered they would have to spend the “New Year” in the hospital. But the youngsters had other ideas.

Children were born during the changeover from 2017 to 2018 because they did not wait. Not just them but the medical staff were taken by surprise, according to a spokesman of the center.