A true miracle took place at the Artamkins 13 years ago. The couple has five children. Five lovely daughters.

Varvara learned that she will have five while still in place. Concerned, the physicians advised the couple to destroy two embryos. to avoid endangering the mother and kids.

However, because they are Christians, the Artamkin family turned down the offer. We resolved that it would happen if God so desired.

Because Russian doctors refused to take their case, the Artamkins were forced to leave Russia and give birth abroad. And girls were born at the 26th week of pregnancy.

They were put in an incubator for premature babies right away. They had good growth and development. They soon traveled to Moscow, their home country.

At the airport, officials were waiting for a large family, who gave Varvara and Dmitry a four-room apartment that was fully furnished.

The girls are now twelve years old.

Each one of them differs greatly. Each has a distinct personality.

They support and assist parents in all of their endeavors.

Girls have attended church since they were young.