What would occur if twenty families, included your parents, declared they did not want or love you? The following 13 days of your life are when all of this occurs.

Alba’s parents decided they would have to give her up when she was born. The identical demand came from twenty additional future families. Children want warmth and love, but Alba wouldn’t get any of that.

or so it appeared. Then Luca, a lone Italian, showed up. He frequently dealt with individuals with exceptional needs while working in foster care and other institutions.

In the lives of various people, Luka appears to occupy a unique place. Additionally, Kuka can be seen differently by some as a single gay man who sincerely desired to become a father.

When Alba was just 13 days old, Luca adopted her. He was turned down roughly twenty-one times in thirteen days, but he also received a lot of acceptance and affection.

The Luca and Alba story went viral right away. Luca has published a book on his experience adopting and raising a child who will one day understand what his new father actually did for him.

Here is the video: