This is so sweet that my heart can’t handle it.

The biblical verse in Matthew 19:14, “Let the small children come to me, and do not prevent them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these,” is one that Christians will recall.

This proves that kids are indeed unique. Imagine how valuable they must be in the sight of God if they are so precious to us.

Christians are well-versed in the doctrine of God’s love.

What happens afterward when a kid prays to God?
In this video, a 4-year-old child called Hayley Jones sings “Jesus at the center of it all” on the stage of the church she attends.

Since the meaning is the same, it could have been any worship song.

A lovely young girl singing fervently to her God. Christians are required to gather for worship, typically on Sundays.

Get them going early.
Church of the House of Bread is here. There is also always time for music, just like in most Christian churches.

And that holds true whether or not life is going well for them.

That is the song’s main message, as you can see.
Christians are expected to prioritize God in their daily life. Life seems less challenging when He is at the center of it.

Hayley performs the lovely lyrics,

“Nothing in this world will suffice; nothing else matters. Jesus, you are the center of the universe, and everything is based on you. As a result, Jesus must be the focal point of my existence. It will always be You Jesus, Oh Jesus. It has always been that way.

Although Hayleye featured a large number of adults as backup vocalists, it was really this tiny angel who stole the show as she sang passionately with the men and women in the background.

On that particular day, Hayley blessed the church with grace and blessings. He is unquestionably the focal point of her life.

Below is a video of Hayley’s moving song.