When her father came out to give her a hug, I lost it.

Like everybody else, Amanda Mammana, a native of Connecticut, stood on America’s Got Talent stage with the intention of showcasing her talent.

The only distinction is that Amanda struggles with her speaking.

During her pre-audition conversation with judge Howie Mandel, it becomes clear.

Howie poses the customary opening queries, and Amanda pauses before answering. Then she starts talking.

Mammana informed the four judges, “As you can undoubtedly see, I have a bit of a speech impediment. “I found that I don’t stutter when I sing,” the author said, “but it was clearly something that led me to shy away and to hide.”

Now that’s different!

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter decided to perform one of her own original songs, which is already amazing.
The audience, along with the other four judges, were all listening intently to see what Amanda had in store for them.

She describes her song as being about “hard moments and if I could go back and fix those things, I wouldn’t, because they made me, me.”

Her father is visibly upset and visibly worried about her as he stands backstage with the host Terry Crews.
On stage, Amanda starts strumming her guitar before starting to sing.

Those were the words that made everyone cry.

But what if I could change how I felt about my life by traveling back in time?

But if that happened, would I still have all that had given me life? she sang.

Amanda transformed from a small child with a speech impairment to a captivating singer-songwriter who had the judges and the audience hanging on every word she sang.

Simon Cowell continued, “You spoke to us quite honestly about the problems you have with your speech. When you don’t have a problem like that, auditioning is daunting, but you were outstanding. You have such a pure, lovely voice, and you’re also a talented songwriter and a wonderful person. I’m so glad you stopped by.

Simon responds by giving her the first “yes,” to which the other three agree.

We really anticipate seeing more of Amanda. See her stirring performance below!