Edson Brando, a 53-year-old resident of the Netherlands, appears much younger than his actual age. The man discusses how to stay young and appealing as well as how his typical day is.

Despite Brando’s actual age being 53 years old, Edson claims that many strangers only give him a lifespan of 25 years or less. The man acknowledges that he is overjoyed to understand that he can serve as an example for someone else. After all, when people see that they too can look stylish in their sixties, they become motivated, start to believe in themselves, and start to strive for perfection.

Edson leads a rather typical life. He writes on his personal blog, where he divulges the keys of perpetual youth. Additionally, Brandao offers one-on-one and group training sessions and even authored the book Young After 40. A man is undoubtedly genetically fortunate, but natural data is not everything.

Edson is certain that his optimistic outlook is what gives him his gorgeous appearance. He is the one who energizes and generates good energy for the body as well as the soul. It is also crucial to embrace who you are as the product of nature and live in harmony with yourself.

Brandao maintains a healthy way of living. He works out for both strength and cardio frequently. Edson also keeps an eye on his eating habits. His menu is well-balanced, and he abstains from eating unhealthy semi-finished goods, canned food, fast food, sweets, soda, and fried meals.

The typical menu consists of white and red fish, veggies, brown rice, poultry, mushrooms, almond milk cereal, homemade lean pancakes, and fruit and vegetable smoothies. Additionally, Brandao consumes two liters of pure mineral water each day.

According to Edson, he has never smoked or used drugs. He also skipped the plastic surgery route, but he still takes care of his skin and uses lotions frequently. Because Brandao views his own body as a “temple for the soul,” he guards it and works to keep it in good condition.

Edson claims that in addition to looking wonderful, he feels great. His body has more energy than it did when he was in his 20s or 30s. And based on the images from various points in life, this is indeed the case.

Brando enjoys motivating others and advising them on how to look their best. It is still important to follow his advise and hope that he stays active and young.