When it comes to intense mother love, miracles do not occur. Kelly first experienced health issues when she was a youngster. The girl rapidly grew weary and experienced chest pain and shortness of breath. She was informed of her disease after she received a hospital diagnosis.

Kelly has Wolff Parkinson-White Syndrome, according to the diagnosis. It was a disorder of the heart’s blood artery structure, which interfered with the organ’s ability to circulate blood. The symptoms of Kelly’s disease included tachycardia, incoordination, fainting, and dizziness.

Kelly made the decision to try her luck despite the fact that carrying a kid with a significant heart condition is not advised. At the age of 37, the woman became pregnant for the second time and carefully planned the birth. She took tests and saw her personal gynecologist frequently. Although the fetus matured normally, the expecting mother’s life was still in danger, according to the experts.

One morning Kelly performed a regular activity that enhances blood circulation and guards against fainting. But this time something unexpected occurred: Kelly felt ill and passed out.

Fortunately, she had her husband Gareth by her side. As he sprinted to Kelly, he saw that she was not breathing. He instantly dialed for an ambulance because there was also no pulse. Gareth, however, received the startling response, “We don’t have free ambulances right now.” Fortunately, a volunteer ambulance driver named Stephanie responded to the call as an alternative.

The woman used a defibrillator to restart Kelia’s heart after it had been stopped for four minutes. Once they arrived, the paramedics brought Kelly to the hospital. She underwent surgery there, which went well. The pregnant woman was sent back home. Ava was born to Kelly on November 24, 4 months after the surgery. The infant was robust and healthy, weighing 4 kg.