It’s tough not to smile while seeing the principal of your middle school perform this dance.

Kids experience constant tension and anxiety due to first-day-of-school jitters.

Even though we may no longer recall the emotion, you undoubtedly experienced it each year before the start of the school year. The coolest thing is running into old pals in the halls.

But for a variety of reasons, some kids dread the first day of school.
Many young people experience anxiety due to peer pressure, bullying, and simply simple self-consciousness. Although most school staff members make things simple for the pupils, they are all too aware of this.

Exceptionally, this fantastic principal.
Brian Wildeman is not your typical school administrator, as you can see.

Wildeman’s custom of having a dance to welcome back kids for the start of the new academic year has become customary at Remington Middle School in Franklin, Massachusetts.

He once performed a dance to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento.

Wildeman performed a dance to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams in 2014.

Principal Wildeman, dressed in a pink button-down, blue tie, and slacks, sets up a stereo on the main walkway and then begins dancing fervently!

How many school leaders would be open to receiving their students in this manner upon their return?
“At first I thought this would hurt, but this principle gets into it so much that it’s hard not to smile… XD” A viewer with the name of MyNamesNotMike15 says, “Well done.”

The finest part is that Wildeman really performs the song’s accompanying dance!

He must be genuinely entertaining during gatherings.
While this dance to Pharrell’s “Happy” has over 433K views, his has more than 26K!

The kids must have been really scared as they drove up to school, and then their principal busted out some moves to welcome them back.

I’m sure they all grinned!
While some waved at the camera and others gave him a high five, the majority appeared to suddenly have more energy.

In the end, that first day of school wasn’t all that horrible.
“Hilarious!!! I adore it! Another viewer exclaims, “Those students are very lucky to have such a hilarious and cool principal!!!”

Imagine how animated Wildeman is during school events if he was so eager to dance to welcome his students back.

It’s reasonable to assume that he gets along well with many of his students and their parents.

How can you not think he’s a lovely man with those dance moves?

Watch the video below to see the principal’s welcome-back dance!