How quickly do you believe the The Voice judges can be won over? What if we told you it happened in a speedy manner? What if we told you that they were impressed by a 15-year-old?

That incident took place in The Voice Kids’ German edition, though. 15-year-old Benjamin enters the room. He is ready to perform Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra for the blind audition.

The moment his slick voice enters the microphone, the judges are overcome by his influence. When he sings the song’s opening verses, one judge exclaims, “Wow.”

That’s all the judge needs to hear, according to him. To turn around and face the vocalist, he presses the button. He even gets out of his chair to have a brief look before it completely turns.

As Benjamin continues, the audience is won over by his singing. The judges quickly understand that this young man is a star as they applaud his sultry vocals.

As each judge turns to face Benjamin, a domino effect occurs. It’s fortunate that they made this decision. The rest of his performance is as impressive.

The judges begin crying as the song becomes increasingly emotional. Some of them even get up from their chairs to applaud him.

When Benjamin is finished, the entire crowd applauds. One judge is still in awe of how outstanding this child is. She exclaims loudly, “What,” in shock at his singing prowess.

Wait until you see him play the piano, if you thought all that was amazing. Ben approaches the stage once again to sing and play after the judges perform in front of him.

He never lets you down. The judges get up from their chairs to applaud him as a result of his skill in creating music. It’s safe to assume that this young person is at the The Voice Kids finals.