There have always been a wide variety of artists on America’s Got Talent. One of those remarkable individuals who also happens to be neurodivergent is Aubrey Burchell.

Aubrey enters the stage sporting a rose-colored outfit and red hair. She makes a trembling greeting. She divulges information about herself to the judges.

She mentions her Pennsylvania roots and job at Target. Aubrey discusses how she used to sing during her breaks to cheer herself up.

She emphasizes that she wants to win awards and fill arenas when asked about her aspirations. She also mentions having an autistic diagnosis. Aubrey cries as she declares her desire to motivate other autistic people.

She receives a best of luck from one of the judges. She’s getting ready to sing as the audience applauds. Aubrey strains her neck before the music starts.

Call Out My Name’s words are beautifully sung by Aubrey. The audience begins to applaud her moving performance. She sings while moving her body and closing her eyes.

She sings a high note, and the crowd cheers. The crowd erupts once more when she hits another high note. Off stage, Terry Crews applauds for her.

Even the panel of judges begin applauding as Aubrey continues. You can see how spellbound the judges were by her performance. As she operates the microphone, Aubrey starts to grow animated.

Aubrey cries as she finishes and covers her face. Everyone in the audience stands to applaud and clap. Standing ovations are also given to her by the judges.

All of the judges concur that Aubrey has a great voice. As she hears about their appreciation, Aubrey feels anxious and emotional.

Simon emphasizes how Aubrey personalized the song. The audience applauds as he adds that her career is set to take off.

a sentimental Thank you, says Aubrey. Each judge casts a yes vote. Naturally, yes, Simon replies. The crowd applauds for her while standing.

As soon as the song began, it was clear that Aubrey would go to the finals. It’s even more wonderful that she sang to serve as an example for anyone with autism.

Here is the video: