Malinois Kuno, a four-year-old Belgian Shepherd, worked in Afghanistan for the British Special Forces.

He gave an example of himself to show that a dog is the best kind of companion for a person.

She received the Dikin Medal while working with British special forces to combat the Al-Qaeda group as a resigned administration dog.

This is the highest degree of grant that an animal that served in the British military may receive, and it was established by the People’s Department of Animal Affairs.

To further clarify, let me add that it is identical to the British version of the Medal of Honor, the Victoria Cross.

The dog was awarded a decoration for his bravery during one of the duties in Afghanistan quite some time ago, according to a veterinarian working for a generous association who observed that it is a genuine legend.

Surprised by the canine’s unexpected arrival, the attacker fired a shot, which caused the dog to start moving and pursue the gunman, biting on his hand and killing him while saving lives in the process.