Coco may not have anticipated seeing his name on lights, but that is exactly what happened.

Unbeknownst to her, the dog that had been moving from house to house had finally located another family and was on its way to becoming famous.

When the search for Coco’s family proved to be futile, the gentle dog eventually found himself in the sanctuary. She was invited by a receptive person for a little period of time, but they were unable to stay with her by the same token.

When he returned to the refuge, his new family visited and welcomed him, according to Arrington. They were anxiously awaiting her arrival for the reception, when perhaps fate intervened!

Since Coco is a small dog who enjoys being active and always on the go and learning, she may start to appear in more roles going forward. She made a wonderful decision to work,» Arrington added.

The elderly dog at the sanctuary is currently living her best life while demonstrating to potential pet guardians the benefits of adopting salvages.