Unfortunately, we neglect to care for and spend enough time with our elderly relatives. But when this woman was going to get married, she requested her 89-year-old grandma to be her bridesmaid without a second’s hesitation. Our hearts just warmed as we read this tale.

Christine Quinn was set to get married now that the time had come. She consequently invited her cherished grandmother to serve as a bridesmaid.

Grandma Betty, of course, enthusiastically complied with her request, and it was such a big success that she made all the guests laugh with her wisecracks and the practical advice that she provided to everyone throughout the day.

Betty commented, “Your age reflects how you feel, and I felt really young today.” Betty attended the wedding reception party as well and stayed till late at night.

Grandma Betty questioned her granddaughter, “Why would you want an old woman for your bachelorette party?”

Christine, however, made no hesitation at all. There’s little doubt she wanted her granny to participate.

“She has a unique perspective on life and a beautiful sense of humor, and I try to imitate her every day. She is adored by everyone, Christine remarked.

Even though we’re all getting older, we do not need to mature.

We completely concur with Betty. Age is merely a number, so we should always share and include our elderly family members in all of our events.