Jessica Roberts achieved her lifetime goal of becoming a mom after overcoming cancer. She is currently raising seven kids and loves being a mommy. If you thought raising even one child was challenging, take a peek at how one St. Louis resident manages to stay stylish while caring for seven infants.

Jessica had a rhabdomyosarcoma or fatal cancer diagnosis in 2002. Her life appeared to be just getting started when she was only 14 years old, but fate put her to the test.

Jessica battled the illness for two years, undergoing numerous chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments. She would never be able to have children, according to the physicians. Infertility was brought on by the medications she received during her chemotherapy.

Her most recent round of treatment was 15 years ago. Look at Jessica’s current way of life. She managed to beat the illness, wed a beautiful man, and had a large family. The fact that the treatment had no impact on her fertility is regarded by doctors as a miracle.

Roberts has a personal Instagram feed that receives around 100,000 views every month. Three daughters and four sons make up her seven children. Notably, the youngest just celebrated her first month of life.

The delighted mother revealed the good news in an Instagram post on February 21 after the girl was born on February 20. “Hello, this is my child. She weighs 8 pounds, 6 ounces, making her the heaviest of all the kids. I am now a content mother of seven children,” Jessica wrote.

A mother of multiple children frequently discusses her struggles in life and posts photos of her family. Let’s all agree that Jessica Roberts has proven beyond a doubt that having children has no effect on a woman’s appearance.