She is a hero and her life is a battle…

After her father passed away and her mom fled, a 10-year-old girl is left to care for her two younger brothers. The girl prepares meals for the family, gets them ready for school, drives them there, and then returns them.

For the sake of her brothers, Xiao Ying gave up her youth.

The young girl took over as the family’s mom and dad after her father passed away.

A 10-year-old girl resides in the little town of Nantana with her brothers.

It handles all the tasks that are typically handled by grownups.

The children’s mother abandoned them a few years ago when their careless father passed away from cancer.

Despite spending his entire life caring for his brothers, Xiao never moans.

The girl turned down the uncle’s offer to adopt the kids because she believed she could handle everything on her own.

The youngsters occupy their uncle’s home.

Xiao engages in numerous daily activities. bring water, prepare food, wash clothes… It’s incredible that the girl is doing so well in school on top of everything else. The children receive the most assistance possible from neighbors and family.