Parents are aware that getting the whole family up and moving in the morning may be difficult. Breakfast must be prepared, hair must be styled, lunches must be packed, and hugs must be given.

Seven kids make Skyler and Jamie Scott proud parents. They have five infants and two older boys (three girls and 2 more boys).

Naturally, the Scott family needs a little more organization and structure to get their nine-person family moving every morning. This video demonstrates the amount of work required merely to begin the day.

Five bottles of vitamin D milk are the first item. The three toddler girls are then helped to awaken by the bigger lads. As the girls’ fleece sleepers are unzipped, hugs and grins abound.

After giving her daughter’s bottles to Jamie and her sons, they go upstairs to wake up the boys. Every morning is like waking up for Christmas, the mother of seven said. Having seven lovely children has a unique characteristic that never gets old.

Skyler drives his oldest son to middle school after that. The father and son talked about how lovely it is to have five toddlers in the family who are learning so much, despite the fact that puberty can be a time of significant adjustment. They also discussed having a nine-year-old child and how they should cherish the fact that he is still a “kid” because he will soon start middle school.

The video ends with Jamie and his pal going to Costco around the holidays. Jamie talks about how much he loves visiting Costco and all the delicious holiday treats. It’s beautiful to witness how much fun and how much love this family has for one another.

Here is the video: