In their Somerset, England, house, Lisa Fletcher, 58, and her husband Neil, 55, have abandoned all modern technology and replicated a 1930s lifestyle.

Lisa Fletcher claimed that she had always imagined herself living the 1930s-era way of life. She and her husband used the internet or thrift shops to purchase authentic appliances, ornamental accents, and antique furniture to furnish the home in a vintage manner.

The Fletchers exclusively watch movies in black and white on vintage TVs, cook on a 1929 Jackson gray enamel stove, keep their groceries in a 1935 Westinghouse refrigerator, and use a landline as opposed to a cell phone.

Practically speaking, spouses prefer cash over bank cards and online payments.

Lisa stays at home to cook and clean while Neal is at work, and she likes to wash and dry her clothes by hand in the traditional manner rather than in a washer and dryer.

The family hosts a customary Sunday dinner every week, complete with homemade fare and no cooked food. The couple is childless and has no intentions of reentering contemporary society.