Natalia Yisa is a contented wife, mom, and blogger. You will undoubtedly be surprised by the girl’s fate, an ordinary Russian girl.

She met a Nigerian man when she was still a student; the two of them attended the same university. When they first met, they hardly exchanged anything other than a friendly greeting. However, fate chose to bring them together after four years.

The girl fell in love with a quiet, well-behaved guy, but over time their feelings became far from amicable. A week later, Jacob asked Natalia to marry him.

When the girl made the decision to present Jacob to her parents, they had a negative response and continued to want for the couple to separate.

Jacob then informed his mother of his lover, who had traveled to Russia to meet her future son-in-law. Surprisingly, they very quickly learned Natalia’s language, and the woman concluded that the young people did in fact love each other. She gave them a blessing.

Later, when Natalia’s parents saw that their daughter and this man were truly in love, they also learned how much they valued Jacob’s upbringing, bravery, erudition, and brilliance. They also got to know Jacob better.

The girl’s chosen one needed to be presented to the grandparents, and that was it.

To everyone’s astonishment, however, the older generation received such a son-in-law extremely well. They immediately learned to speak his language. Grandfather enjoyed having someone to chat to about anything, and Grandmother was impressed by his upbringing, intelligence, and respectful demeanor.

Then a wedding occurred. To make Natalya’s parents understand that their daughter was being married, they first traveled around Russia while adhering to all the laws and customs.

Young folks participated in the celebration in a mature manner. Natalia and Jacob each have unique rings: Natalia’s is shaped like Africa, while Jacob’s is shaped like Russia. The opposite person usually wears rings on their right hand.

A few months later, all European customs were followed at the wedding in Nigeria. There were numerous groomsmen and numerous bridesmaids. The party was lavishly decorated and stylish.

On their left hands, the couple wore rings. Now, Natasha wears her ring in accordance with our tradition on the right, and her husband wears his ring in accordance with his nation’s tradition on the left. Such a compromise is offered here.

Because he was the heir to the throne and a member of a highly recognized family in Russia, Jacob would not have been able to establish a successful career there. real prince

Natalya made the decision to leave her home country with her husband. The girl was accepted by Jacob’s family, who made an effort to assist her adapt to the culture and customs of the new place.

The family soon underwent a replenishment when Jago-son Max’s was born. Nigerian residents only have double names, not middle names, per the country’s rules.

Nigerian kids begin helping around the house and visiting the garden when they are just 2 years old. Parents also encourage their kids to become more independent.

Natasha didn’t learn till after the wedding that her chosen one is the heir of an entire dynasty. The individual needed to be admired for his virtues. It turned out that all of the men in his family were tribal elders on the paternal side and actual kings on the maternal side.

After some time, Zara, Jago-sister, Max’s was born.

Natalia currently runs a personal blog on Instagram. She updates her subscribers on her life and discusses her decision to move, her adjustment to the customs of a foreign land, the quirks of Nigerian culture, as well as her challenges and adventures.

Many people are seeing this amazing duo. A lovely, harmonious family enjoys all that it has going for it. Babies are amazing, no doubt!