The couple was recently shocked when Anna abruptly revealed that she was carrying three children. All things considered, they had three children before. The experts did everything they could to save the woman’s life. Tragically, though, nothing worked out well for them. Without his beloved wife and six children, Anton was left alone.

The tale of a single parent eventually appeared on television. The authors described how difficult it is for him to adjust to life without his wife’s support. After the launch of this service, Anton began to get a flood of letters from ladies who felt compelled to really speak with him. He even had a relationship, but it didn’t work out.

He received a letter from Lyudmila on one occasion. They started a friendly correspondence because she just needed to assist the man. A father with several children called another friend out on the town a month and a half later. It was the right move for him to bring along all of his children. The younger guys simply gravitated toward Luda, and the oldest son was also a big fan.

The pair made the decision to be hitched and live together. He set up communication with the new family with hardly any problems despite the fact that the woman also had a child from their previous relationship. It turned out that Lyudmila needed to keep an eye on a man like Anton in general. He is consistently willing to lend a hand and dependable, unwavering, and intelligent. Luda was aware that they would cross paths. She had a fantasy about how she lived with seven kids.

In the village where the groom lives, the pair exchanged vows. They went for several days while enjoying a happy occasion.

Lyudmila initially felt anxious about the possibility of sharing a home with many kids. She left her job in Omsk, grabbed her child, and moved to a town 100 kilometers outside of the city for Anton’s sake. Despite the fact that she genuinely liked her job, she came to the realization that family was more important. She is prepared to go to extraordinary lengths for her better half and children.

Her life so began in a huge family. The newlywed assumed right immediately that she wouldn’t have the opportunity to handle anything properly around the house. All things considered, cooking, washing, and cleaning for everyone is undoubtedly difficult. Luda eventually realized that soup needed to be bubbling in about 5 liters. Anton certainly aided the person who had been chosen by the almighty, understanding how difficult it was for her. He supported her and gave her information about town life. Lyudmila is given the opportunity to recuperate, therefore the day is planned with that in mind.

Additionally, the head of the family doesn’t loiter. He works with his subordinates while dealing with the development group. The companions who must up at 6 AM every day have the chance and the motivation to complete all tasks, but they never voice any complaints.

They received a minibus from the president himself, which can accommodate all of the children without any problems. Without such a vehicle, it is quite difficult. They can currently travel anywhere they need to.

It should be noted that the pair made a crucial decision early on in their relationship. They looked after their own children while also providing assistance to struggling families in the neighborhood. They learned that there were two children who were stuck nearby. They had problematic parents, that much is true.