A charming family home in the peaceful Missouri hamlet of Fayette has recently been listed for sale for $350,000. The masonry home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, with beautiful furnishings and repairs.

It appears to be your standard dream home. However, the home was a very somber surprise that anxiously awaits its owner in the basement, according to TMZ. Nine prison cells will be an unexpected gift for the locals. The majority of them are in the basement and have small, barred windows.

However, the item’s seller, House of Brokers, reassured prospective bidders. The home wasn’t owned by a lunatic. Versus. This home was previously occupied by the sheriff.

“A home built in 1875 and the Howard County Sheriff’s Jail. The home’s website description calls it “A truly exceptional opportunity.”

The 232.3 square meter prison is the nicest section of the house, the salesperson continues.

The locks on the cell doors seem to be functioning. illumination throughout the basement. A fantastic chance,” he declared.