Legends about the Chinese people’s tenacity, commitment, and perseverance have been making the rounds throughout the globe for a while, and new confirmations keep popping up. The tale of a young student named Wang Fuman shook the Internet at the time. He rose to fame as a result of his 5 km walk through bitter cold. to succeed in his school tests.

Only 8 years old, Xinjie Village’s new online sensation. His image, which included “icy” hair and hoarfrost-covered eyelashes, quickly went viral on the internet and stirred up a lot of strong feelings among people. The child’s instructor created the illustration. He made the choice to post the picture on social media to honor the perseverance of his “desperate” pupil, who showed up to class in inclement weather without even wearing warm clothing or a hat.

The young boy earned the moniker “Ice Boy” or “Ice Boy” very fast. Tens of thousands of people also shared his photo and story on social media. The young Internet celebrity was recently invited to Beijing, where he did numerous interviews, was showered with presents, and even got to meet with officials.

The young man made his first trip to the nation’s capital. He had never experienced train or airplane travel before. The young boy was most surprised by how warm Beijing was.

The young boy claimed that his family must burn coal all night to be warm at home, where he must sleep in a jacket.

The “Ice Boy” tale inspired online users to create a fund, which was quickly supplied with a significant sum of money.

The money raised will be put to good use by repairing the heating system at the boy’s school, insulating the homes of low-income families, and purchasing winter clothing for the kids in Xinjie village and the surrounding areas.