There are several sports that are as lovely and graceful as ice skating. Watching highly accomplished ice skaters glide over the ice in ways that we would never have thought possible is really relaxing. The body control and movement precision displayed in these performances are astounding!

We often ponder how people are able to move with such agility and fluidity, and how much practice it must have taken for them to be so wonderful.

Without a question, getting to the top of the sport requires intense training and a lot of effort. Ice skating icons Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean are well-known worldwide, and after a long and successful career as skaters, they now serve as judges for events.

However, they do occasionally have the opportunity to perform, and when they do, they demonstrate that even after spending a lot of time away from competition skating, the pair is just as good—if not better—than they were at the height of their renown. They performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in a special way for the “Dancing On Ice” championships on ITV in March 2019. The miraculous skaters are still able to exceed even the best skaters of the present despite the fact that their bodies are showing signs of aging.

Following the broadcast of their performance, internet users expressed their opinions on Twitter and other social media platforms. They continue to surprise fans today, just as they stunned audiences in 1984 during the Winter Olympics after their world-record performance.

Watch the video below!