Senior Singer’s 1975 Classic Brings Everyone to Tears
She had the best stage presence the audience had yet witnessed.

Watch Evelyn Williams, 81, perform in her golden buzzer audition for Ireland’s Got Talent. The change is amazing when she starts singing. She transforms into a singing diva and her magnificent voice fills the auditorium. The judges soon have tears in their eyes.

She performed one of the greatest songs ever written by Stephen Sondheim, a song that was created specifically for a woman of this age who has seen life. Michelle Visage pressed the Golden Buzzer after she sung it with such love that it made everyone cry. Evelyn thought she “could have sang better” even after all of that, but everyone else thought she was simply beautiful the way she was.

The judges and the audience were in tears as she performed a heartfelt version of “Send In The Clowns.” She displayed her modest character the entire time and embodied grace. Standing ovations were given to the great-grandmother for her talent, and the judges advanced her to the semi-final.

“In a million years, I never expected it. When the entire hall stood up, I started crying. It moved me deeply.

I’m going to hate going home now, says the 80-year-old participant after gathering herself after sobbing in typical “Got Talent” style. Her hair is still adorned with a halo of glitter.

The energetic retiree, who volunteers her time tirelessly for charities, has a love for fashion and freely admits to using a treadmill in her bedroom to exercise “every day for the previous 21 years.”

Evelyn, who has six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren and has been widowed for seven years, claimed that singing has always been a passion of hers. Evelyn acknowledged that it has been seven years since the passing of her loving spouse Noel and that she is still in mourning.

She responded, “My spouse, I miss him like a limb.” He was a really good man, and he was good. used to enjoy listening to me sing. He was abounding in affection. He was extremely kind and nice to me. He’d have been very pleased with me.

Watch her performance below!