One of the most artistic birds you will ever come across is the parrot. The parrot, Tico, was not an exception to this notion. He was just discovered producing a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

Tico outshone everyone else while singing the tune. The gifted bird’s owner, Frank Maglio, and his buddy Lisa Rott encouraged him while he sang the song. They both accompanied Tico on guitar and sang the song on occasion.

Tico’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s song demonstrated the bird’s distinct and melodic voice. When Tico wasn’t singing, he was a far greater whistler than any human. Tico knew when to stop singing and when to start, unlike many other parrots.

Tico would circle the table or scratch his ears when it was time for the guitar to start playing. Tico appeared to be enjoying himself in every gesture as he gave a performance for Lisa and Frank.

Tico was able to sing the song at a variety of tones because parrots have two vocal chords, while humans do not. But every now and then, Tico would go high-pitch, and his pitch would plummet.

Tico had a lot of practice, as evidenced by the way he sang the song. Frank and him had already performed a number of songs together, and the parrot appeared to enjoy singing songs of all genres.

Tico’s singing appeared to please Lisa. It was amazing to watch the bird’s head movements while he sang. He conducted himself like a rock star and had complete control over the music.

Watch the video below!