The dignity of the old service maxim, “The customer is always right,” is maintained. However, there are undoubtedly some individuals who are exempt from this regulation.

People who believe they are superior to others, demand to be treated like kings, and treat service employees like garbage are what we’re referring to, as anyone who has worked in customer service knows.

In this tale, a woman who works at an airline check-in desk demonstrates a clever response to nasty clients. She put a rude passenger on the spot with her response, which made us giggle.

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The employee at the check-in desk at New York’s LaGuardia Airport deserves praise for the manner she handled a belligerent and unkind passenger! This is for everyone who has had to put up with obnoxious clients.

Southwest Airlines’ whole flight was canceled because of the weather. A number of disgruntled guests were put on hold while one agent booked substitute flights.

A boorish tourist suddenly shoved everyone aside and pushed to the front of the queue. I have to be on this aircraft, and the ticket must be first class, he said as he threw his ticket against the counter.

I’m sorry, sir. I’d be pleased to try and assist you, but I must first assist these people. After that, I’m confident we can resolve the issue.

The traveler was not happy.

Do you know who I am? he asked, speaking loud enough for the passengers to hear.

The agent grinned and quickly seized the microphone on the loudspeaker to ensure that everyone could hear.

Can I have your attention, ladies and gentlemen?” she asked (her voice was heard all over the terminal). We have a passenger at Gate 14 who is unsure of who he is; if anyone can identify him, please come to Gate 14.”

The man looked at Southwest’s agent, gritted his teeth, and said, “Go F**! yourself!” as the passengers behind him laughed hysterically.

She said, “I’m sorry sir, even for that youl would have to wait in line for,” without even blinking.

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