The girl sobs, “I want to know how to do it,” in response. I was only exercising today.

To her father’s dismay, this young stylist is putting the phrase “practice makes perfect” to the test. Ansleigh’s father, a 3-year-old daughter, recorded the results of a recent epic haircut she gave herself. The aspirational young woman begins taking steps toward her future professional objectives after being motivated by a family friend who works as a hairdresser.

In this cute viral video, her father Chad Clark says, “You cut all your hair off.” The video, which was first shared on the family’s Facebook page in St. Augustine, Florida, then displays the girl’s new hairstyle, which is a sort of mullet with long hair in the back and extremely short sides. Additionally, Ansleigh was able to get rid of her bangs and add a few bald spots.

The adorable little girl responds with a tear-stained face when her father asks her why she changed her hairstyle. She casually informs her father that she intends to pursue a career in hair cutting and explains her decision by mentioning that Jessica, a close family friend, does so.

The girl sobs, “I want to know how to do it,” in response. I was only exercising today.

Do we require additional practice? Father says.

Ansleigh’s understanding father reassures her by saying that while she isn’t permitted to cut her hair while she is a child, she will be able to do so when she is an adult and points out that Miss Jessica attended school to gain the technique.

This bright young child tells us with a smile that when she gets older, she’ll cut hair with her buddy Jessica and appears pleased with the explanation. However, as she relates her anxiety about not having any scissors when she gets large, the smile gives way to a look of intense concern. Her tiny voice beginning to shake is almost audible.

When this devoted father says, “We’ll get you some scissors when you are larger,” everything is made better.

Ansleigh only needs to hear that. She says a heartfelt “Thanks Dad” and smiles heartwarmingly for the camera.

Chad Clark tells the tale of the controversial haircut that went viral and won hearts online in an interview with TODAY Parents. He was keeping the kids while his wife was away all weekend at a conference. During the afternoon while her younger brother naps, Ansleigh spends her quiet time in her room reading, coloring, or watching cartoons.

After leaving her room, Ansleigh discovered a box in the hallway that contained another box carrying a pair of scissors. When she got back to her room, she started cutting her hair. According to Clark, who was passing by at the time, “I happened to hear a sudden movement come from her bed, the kind of sound you hear when your kid is doing something she knows she should not be doing.”

“I stuck my head inside. My initial reaction upon noticing that she had lost her bangs was, “Oh my, my wife is going to murder me!” My next thought was, “On the plus side, she won’t ever leave me alone with the kids for the weekend again. Miss Jessica, the hairdresser, a family friend and Ansleigh’s mentor, offered to correct the “do” and made it look lovely, according to Clark.

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