A baby’s laughter is one of the nicest sounds in the world, and everyone likes to hear it. A baby doesn’t giggle much in this lovely video, but Grandma is inconsolable!

The Wonky Donkey is the name of the Scottish children’s book she is narrating in the video. Before going into fits of laughter, she was able to read that the donkey sounds weird.

The grandmother finds this book to be hilarious and finds it difficult to read along. She can hardly maintain her cool as the baby in her arms looks so unamused.

Her grandson didn’t show much interest in the book she was reading to him before bed, but grandma found it to be hilarious.

ous. It will be so nice to look back on this footage in the future. One of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while is unquestionably this one. It’s rare to experience laughing and pure joy like that.

Others who saw this lovely clip concurred, saying, “I watched the clip three times, each time I laughed even harder!” Another person remarked, “My eleven-year-old son and I are in stitches. I’ve never laughed so hard!”

We should all take advantage of the luxury of quality time with our loved ones. We don’t frequently have time to relax and take pleasure in the little things in life, like reading a book to our kids or grandchildren. Making the decision to capture these moments on film can be fantastic! We may all relate to the video’s feelings when funny things happen organically.

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