It goes without saying that Slavic women have traditionally been regarded as the most attractive. Many well-known international models have this appearance.

Since she was a young kid, Anastasia Bezrukova has been regarded as one of the most attractive women in the world. She is now an adult.

Let’s check out the baby’s development now!

The girl was born in 2004 into a household of businesspeople and lawyers. At the age of 8, she attained fame. She attended school, practiced rhythmic gymnastics, and danced for the Freckles team earlier.

Anastasia at age six is shown here.

Nastya was already incredibly busy at the time; she occasionally had to forgo lectures in order to attend competitions and rehearsals before catching up. The girl learnt to put in a lot of effort and not whine; she established objectives and accomplished them. One could admire his tenacity and persistence even at such a young age.

After competing in a talent competition in 2012, a director saw Bezrukova. He suggested that they contact a modeling agency with his images. Parents followed the director’s instructions and Nastya rose to popularity as a result.

The young woman’s first significant photoshoot for the Italian brand took place in the Yauza palace-theatre a few months later. Then, a number of other kids wanted to work with Nastya, but it was her attractiveness that caught the attention of various European modeling agencies, and she started to get offers from well-known European companies.

Anastasia Bezrukova is the only Russian female player for Vogue Bambini, by the way. She began to have her picture published in fashion publications as Collezioni, Yes!, Kenguru, Dolores, Daisy, Mamas & Papas, and Harper’s Bazaar. And in numerous cities throughout Europe on billboards.

The small Russian woman has gained international fame as a result of her collaboration with the Armani brand.

Later, Nastya started acting in movies; her first role was in the comedy “Milky Way” (also known as “Alone Not at Home”). The next image is “After You,” followed by the musical endeavor “Insomnia.”

Despite being well-liked, Anastasia makes an effort to lead a typical life like all of her friends. She prioritizes her studies, but she also engages in gymnastics, dance performances, and communication with friends.

Modeling, according to Anastasia’s mom, is Anastasia’s pastime as she considers what career she wants to associate with her future. Parents claim they do not wish to sway Nastya’s decision since they have complete faith in her.

But given that the young woman has been receiving offers from the top modeling agencies in the globe for a while now, it is most probable that Anastasia Bezrukova will continue the model’s inventive career.