As they say, everything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard. Berenice Pacheco, a single mother, was put in a challenging situation, but she had no clue that her child would take over the household.

When her mother lost her work owing to the pandemic, eight-year-old Aaronne Moreno of California did everything in her ability to support her young family. The little boy used his money and gifts from generous Good Samaritans to build a new home for his family through investments and prudent business methods.

When the coronavirus epidemic started to sweep across the nation early this year, Berenice Pacheco and her small family experienced difficulties.
There was no internet connectivity or suitable furniture for their kids’ homework in the barn.

The family also used a local restaurant’s restroom, and the only time they could shower was in the agonizing heat of the shed. The scenario, according to Ms. Pacheco, is terrible, and she feels as though she is leaving her children as a mother.

All family members are suffering as a result of social isolation brought on by the pandemic.

Pacheco did not have enough money to purchase candy for his kids. The situation was made much more painful by the fact that a van serving hot cheetos with melted cheese, Aaron’s favorite food, went through the area every day.

Then, in jest, she suggested to Aaron that he could open up his own store and purchase his own snacks. However, she didn’t anticipate Aaron’s reaction to the suggestion. He started to brainstorm since he was determined to take action. Pacheco told TODAY that she gave him the last $12 in her wallet when he suggested selling plants. Pacheco recalls, “I told him to invest that money.”
And Aaron started working right away.

He raised his plant purchases and sales in order to turn a profit. In addition, many of his clients left him gratuities, which further boosted his earnings. Since then, through his modest business, this clever eight-year-old has saved hundreds of dollars. He gained roughly 30,000 Instagram followers as a result of his online fame, which was another positive byproduct of establishing his business.

This family’s situation has improved as a result of Aaron’s perseverance, donations to his current GoFundMe account, and Pacheco’s new part-time job.

A Pacheco High School friend created the GoFundMe page to aid a struggling family. The endeavor was successful because the charity closed with more than $50,000 in donations. The family was able to relocate to a two-room apartment as a result of this cash.