Many women have a deep-seated desire to have children, but not everyone will have the opportunity to do so due to the way nature has distributed births. Despite having poor reproductive health, Melissa Kaiser is now a content mother of not one, but two kids.

All thanks to her sister’s heroic deed. Melissa experienced 9 miscarriages, and after trying IVF and infertility medication without success, the physicians figuratively threw up their hands. Melissa felt unworthy since she was denied the chance to have children of her own, which she saw as the most important opportunity.

Lisa Auten, her sister, offered to assist the woman. She offered her sister’s younger sister her direct assistance in building a real family. She used artificial insemination to conceive.

Two embryos should be implanted at once, according to doctors, as there is a potential that one (or both) will not take root. But both infants were delivered, much to the delight of the women and the doctors. Tierney and Ashlynn gave them names.

They are still quite young, the girls. Lisa can relinquish custody of her children to her sister once they reach the age of six months. The woman claimed that she had never desired to become a mother, but her sister had no trouble doing so. Lisa claims that she enjoys playing the part of a caring aunt for crumbs.