Anna Hipkin was disheartened after discovering the truth about the birth of her and her brother. On her TikTok profile, she informed subscribers about this. When you unintentionally learn during dinner from your estranged parents that your brother, who is 13 years old, is actually your twin and you are already 19 years old.

Users had trouble understanding the blogger’s post. Everyone is aware that twins are children that were born from a single pregnancy and conception, and typically with a difference of a few minutes. It is unclear how twins might be delivered over such a lengthy period of time.

In the second video, the girl had to go into greater detail about everything. IVF technology allowed for the birth of both she and her younger brother. More specifically, effective cell fertilization took place throughout the same treatment cycle.

However, the expecting woman made the decision to avoid taking any chances. She opted to have one baby at first, and then have another when she was ready to become pregnant again. In addition, the second embryo was sent for cryopreservation, or storage in a special freezer.

“IVF was used to create both of us. This indicates that both of us were conceived in a test tube, and that when I was returned to my mother, my brother, who was still an embryo, was kept in a freezer for five years. We are five years apart because I am 19 and he is almost 14; as a result. Although it is obvious that we are not biological twins, we are identical twins, the girl stated.

Nobody was unaffected by the Anna Hipkin story. However, the commentators made the decision to debate with her regarding the fact that, biologically speaking, she and her brother are identical twins. One IVF cycle leading to simultaneous conception does not guarantee that the offspring will be twins.