Since public pianos have been around the world, many talented musicians have sat on their chairs, taken a breath, and then showed off their amazing skills.
One of the goals of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” project was this.

Luke Jerram, a British artist with many skills, went on a trip around the world and started putting pianos in public places. Pianos may be seen in shopping centers, parks, streets, and railway stations. Over 2,000 street pianos have been put up all over the world, and local artists decorated them on their own.

Jerram invites people to play the piano saying, “Play me, I’m yours.” So, everyone is welcome to play the public piano, whether they are just starting to learn how to play or are the best pianists in the world. It is a fantastic place for showing your skills and meeting new people.

People from all over the world with amazing skills took part in the project, but this 11-year-old boy was brave enough to try it himself.

It was an usual day at a park in London’s Soho. Teenagers are playing ping pong, others are simply walking , and even adults are chatting while sitting at the public piano. George Harliono, an 11-year-old boy, came up to the guys and asked if he could play. The guys were polite enough to give the child some space.

Harliono sat down and got ready for his performance in front of the crowd. “The Lark” by Mikhail Glinka and Mili Balakirev was the first classical piece he played. The piece was both sad and beautiful, and it was impressive that the young man was able to recreate that feeling when he played the piano. He touched the piano keys with his fingers, and the beautiful music that came out of it confused people.

The kid kept playing while more people stopped to watch him.

He used the right dynamics in the music and played the hardest and fastest parts perfectly. Even though he had tiny fingers, Harliano hit every note and played the piece beautifully. The crowd applauded him, but the show wasn’t over yet. Harliono played another song for his growing crowd.

The kid decided to play the famous “Moonlight Sonata (Movement 3)” by Beethoven. As soon as he started playing the opening, he blew everyone’s mind. Even the teens playing in the background stopped to watch him.

Since the video was put online, 7.4 million people have watched it on YouTube. The 11-year-old boy who played piano in the park grew up to be an 18-year-old piano virtuoso who took his amazing piano skills to bigger stages. Make sure to visit his YouTube page, where he also often posts, and show your support by following him there.

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