The love a grandma has for her grandchildren is the greatest and purest love. And it grows stronger as you go up the family tree.

Vivian Dahl was one of the few people who lived to see her great-great-grandchildren. She has not only seen her great-great-grandchildren, but also but she gets to spend her birthday with one of them, who is special.

Vivian Dahl just had a very special birthday: she turned 100 years old! She never thought that her great-great-granddaughter would be there to celebrate the big birthday with her.

Eloise, Vivian’s great-great-granddaughter, was born 99 years after she was.

The two people are 99 years apart in age, but that didn’t stop them from celebrating together. On their big day, the cute girls posed for pictures together.

Eloise sat on the lap of her great-great-grandmother and looked so excited. They were so cute together!

To mark this special occasion, their family threw them both a birthday party in Lake Crystal, Minnesota, on the same day. Vivian Dahl has lived in Lake Crystal her whole life, and the 100-year-old has no plans to move.

Vivian’s 100th birthday was a big deal, and like any other 100-year-old who lives to see it, she had advice for people who want to live longer.

“Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t eat candy,” said the grandmother of many. She implied that the reason she lived so long was because she ate well and didn’t smoke, drink, or eat sweets.

So, there you have it! How to live a long life.

This tale is really touching! How many people even get to have their great-great-grandchildren at their birthday parties, let alone celebrate with them? This story shows us how important it is to love and celebrate with our elders for as long as we can.

Happy birthday to Vivian Dahl and little Eloise! Tell your friends and family this cute story to make their day.