A plumber is getting a lot of attention right now because of a great thing he is doing: helping the elderly and vulnerable by fixing their plumbing for free.

Everyone in a community could use a little help from their neighbors and friends, but we all know that the elderly and people with disabilities need it the most.

People like these rarely ask for help, even when they need it, because they don’t want to be seen as a bother.

James, who is from Liverpool, insists that the customer’s plumbing will be “free for life.”

We need to be a race of people who care about each other.”
Even though his kind act made him famous on the Internet, James doesn’t want to take all the credit. He says that his actions were “a community effort.” People may wonder what the plumber gets out of all his good deeds, and James says it just makes him feel good on the inside.

“It makes me feel like a person, humble, and a little excited on the inside… I want to offer this service to more people all over the country. “I’ll never stop fighting,” he said.

James wants to offer services outside of Burnley, and the attention that the viral receipt could bring could be very helpful.

“I have other plumbers who are willing to help. “My goal is to have Depher in every city and town in the country,” James said.

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FEATURED COMMENT about this story:

“It was a pleasure to read your story about James Anderson, the kind plumber who fixed an old woman’s boiler for free because he cared about her. I’m 63 years old and also a plumber. I’m semi-retired, so I either gave a big discount or didn’t charge at all if the job took less than 10 minutes.

My boss never gave me any trouble, and he knew how much our clients appreciated it because one of his parents was sick. So, kudos to you, James! You’re a great example for our other plumbers to follow. Even though our job is hard and sometimes dangerous, the elderly really appreciate what we do for them.” — Bruce Drury