Kyle Finn Carpenter used to be a corporal. His wife, Crystal Carpenter, shared a video of him getting promoted to sergeant. Their son, who is only three years old, took part in this amazing promotion ceremony. His son is given the honor of changing his father’s rank from corporal to sergeant. This shows that his father has been promoted.

Kyle marched to the front of a line of other marine corps soldiers. His coworkers were reading him a piece of writing that congratulated him on his new job. As well as telling him what he needs to do now that he has been given a higher rank.

The paper that was read to him said that he should be a good example. One that his subordinates should be able to copy to make the US marines better. It also said that he would be in charge of the marines under his command and that he would have to lead them with firmness and dignity while following the orders and rules of his senior commandant.

Soon after he told his marines and superiors about his responsibilities, he gave a firm handshake to a fellow soldier, and the troops cheered. The happiness on his face is unbeatable.

At this point, his 3-year-old son was asked to join the action. Saying “Good afternoon, gentlemen” in what is almost the cutest way ever to introduce himself. He was given the chance to re-badge his father, making it official that he was now a sergeant in the US Marines.

His mother and wife, Crystal Carpenter, stood far away and filmed the whole thing on their phones. Marines who were at the promotion ceremony were seen crying when they saw the beautiful scenery around them.

As soon as he got his new badge, Kyle hugged his son and saluted his battle-brothers before returning to his place with the troops. Marines whose children were also there for the ceremony did well to get together afterward. They let their kids hang out with each other while they went out to have fun. It was, in fact, a very cool ceremony.