People tend to think that police officers are strong, caring, brave, and, of course, heroes. People expect them to always take things seriously. When it comes to protecting the community, a lot is expected of them. It’s not common to see police officers doing silly, funny, or even dangerous things like dancing on a crowd.

Yes, the police were dancing with a flash mob. Have you seen one? Well, you could probably find two in a Miami, Florida, mall. Netizens fell in love with a video of two police officers who, at first glance, seemed to be trying to stop a group of dancers from performing in a mall.

People who were watching the event from the side booed the two because they thought the police would break up the group. But the police showed them they were wrong and even put on a better show.

On the other hand, the police challenge the dancers who also think they are about to be sent away.

The two police officers put the dancers’ minds at ease, and they started dancing right away. They move to the beat as if they were really in the mob. The event really surprised everyone.

More than a million people have watched the video, and it has been shared on different social media sites.

A total viral video indeed! Also, it’s so great to see police officers in uniform having fun and spreading holiday cheer. Manny Gonzalez and Chris Gatti are the two cops in Aventura.

Sean Green and Sean’s Dance Factory, a group from West Palm Beach that has won a lot of awards, worked very hard on the routine that has gone viral.

With the help of the Aventura police and Sean’s Dance Factory, the mall is even more likely to be a place where both locals and tourists want to go.

Officers of the law are also people. They might be professionals during the day, but at night and on their days off, they might be funny, creative, dance, or do something else they enjoy. Watch the video clip below, which is going viral, to feel good:

On December 18, 2018, the event took place in a mall in Aventura. Even though it’s an old video, it will always be gold and worth watching.